Josh Ingraham

Josh Ingraham was born April 13th, 1987 and raised in the small town of Portland, CT. At age 8 he picked up his first pair of sticks and by 10 he was behind his very first drum kit, a Pearl kit he had coveted. He played drums on anything he could, often getting in trouble in school for disturbing the class. At 16 he formed ‘Alkatraz’ with hometown friends including Paragon Theorem’s own Steve Delesdernier. ‘Alkatraz’ did quite well for themselves opening up for national acts at the infamous Webster Theater in Hartford, CT. Unfortunately their run was short lived and the remaining members formed their next band, ‘Torn By Addiction’. Over time ‘Torn By Addiction’ fell apart due to conflicts of interest. Everyone went their separate ways embarking on their own projects.

Josh knew that music was his life so he moved to California to get a degree in sound engineering from Expression College Of Digital Arts in Emeryville. After he graduated he went on the road as a sound engineer for the ‘Tommy Castro Band’ on one of their US tours. After the tour Josh returned home to Connecticut, began working for an IT company, and finally got back behind a drum kit.

In early 2012 after Josh returned home, Steve gave him a phone call to see what he was up to. This led to their first jam session in years. During that session they found the magic they had from years ago was stronger now that they were both seasoned musicians. With that, the core of Paragon Theorem was born. Josh and Steve held numerous auditions to complete the group and finally attain the dream they had been working on since the days of ‘Alkatraz’. They founded the perfect rock band.


  • Sonor 6 Piece Force 2007 Shells
  • Pearl P-3002D Demon Drive Double Bass Pedal
  • Zildjian A Customs Cymbals
  • Evans Black Coated Heads
  • Zildjian 7A Dipped Drumsticks
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