Eric Rosier

Growing up, music always surrounded Eric. His parents had a stereo in every room of the house and he was encouraged to pick up any instrument he could. He played piano and trumpet before he was drawn to the bass. His father plays jazz guitar and gave him his first bass when he was 14. One day in the heyday of 90’s rock his father picked up a bass line that caught his ear from the radio, Bush’s Comedown. He taught it to Eric and he never put it down after that playing everything from jazz to modern rock.  He would often sit in on bass with his father’s band playing jazz standards, but his true passion was rock. Eric played bass in several 90’s rock cover bands throughout high school and college playing in bars, at birthday parties, and at benefit shows.

His last cover band, ‘The Internet Explorers’, was without a singer for a long stretch of time so he went on Craigslist to find a singer to audition but the first ad was a band named Paragon Theorem looking for a bassist. Intrigued, he opened the ad, loved what he saw and heard so he asked for an audition. He had a broken playing finger at the time but he figured that a group like this was too perfect not to try out for. He auditioned 5 days later on 4  songs and proved to be the fit that Paragon Theorem needed.

Eric is a gear head who spends his non music-making free time tinkering with guitars and effect pedals. His rig is probably more complicated than it needs to be, but he is obsessed with his tone. His specialty is breathing life back into old used electric guitars/basses, with his best customer being his lead guitarist Steve Delesdernier.


  • Schecter Stiletto Extreme 5 with Seymour Duncan Basslines ASB-BO-5’s
  • Schecter Stiletto Studio 5 with Seymour Duncan Basslines ASB-BO-5’s
  • Kawai RB865A
  • Ampeg SVT-4PRO
  • Ampeg SVT610HLF
  • Korg DTR-2000
  • Sansamp RBI
  • Seymour Duncan Paranormal EQ
  • Seymour Duncan Studio Bass
  • Dunlop 105Q Mini Wah
  • Yellowcake Furry Burrito
  • Digitech Bass Driver
  • Darkglass Electronics Microtubes B7K
  • AMT LLM-2 Volume
  • Temple Audio Duo 17 Pedalboard
  • MXR Phase 99
  • MXR ISO Brick
  • TC Electronic Flashback Delay
  • TC Electronic Corona Chorus Mini
  • TC Electronic Polutune 2 Mini
  • TC Electronic Sentry Noise Gate
  • TC Electronic Vortex Flanger Mini
  • SIT Power Wound Nickel Strings
  • Mother Earth Spartan Picks
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