The Band

About Us

We are a hard rock band from Hartford, Connecticut, USA headed by vocalist Brian Moore. Brian is flanked by lifelong friends Josh Ingraham on the drums and Steve Delesdernier on lead guitar. Filling out the ranks are Dan Field on rhythm guitar and Eric Rosier on bass. Together we use driving riffs, melodic vocals, and soulfully crafted solos to create edgy yet melodic rock that stands the test of time. Our mission is to bring rock and roll back to the forefront of the music scene.

Paragon Theorem’s third full length album, Bound By Gravity, will be officially released January 25th 2019. The first track off the record, Singularity, was chosen as iRock Radio’s (formerly WCCC 106.9FM) song of the month for October 2016. It gathered so much positive feedback it made the station’s Top 50 songs of 2016. Bound By Gravity follows our successful crowd-sourced sophomore record Inkwell (2015) and debut album Bare Your Soul (2013).

Our Story

We originally formed in 2012 as Paragon by Steve and Josh. These lifelong friends had been in and out of bands together since middle school and decided to give it one last shot. They brought in their mutual friend Brian on vocals because of his unique vocal style. They felt his style meshed well with the music they were writing. The three of them set up shop in a little warehouse space and started writing. They put out on an ad on Craigslist for a bassist and a second guitarist. Dan took the rhythm guitar spot and the group hit the studio to start their work while they continued to look for a full time bassist. Eric crushed the bassist audition with a broken middle finger and the group was solidified.

Soon after we released our debut album Bare Your Soul in late 2013. We went on to headline the Portland, CT Fair in 2013 and 2014 while making some waves in the local scene. In 2015 we were given a headlining spot on the Webster Underground and started to get some local radio play with our tune ‘Wanted’ on WMRQ Radio 104.1FM. We continued to work on new music and successfully crowd funded the release of our second album, Inkwell, in 2015. Josh had to take some time off following the birth of his second child shortly after the release of Inkwell. Steve’s cousin Jordan Pitruzello filled in for a grueling year of playing as many shows as possible from Boston to New York City.

In early 2016 Jordan moved away to further his musical journey and we were drummer less for a few short months. We were fortunate enough that Josh’s home life had started to settle in so he was able to return to the throne. Paragon Theorem was back to the original lineup. For the next 3 years we had some notable moments while we worked on our next album. We headlined the Radio 104.1 Homebrewed Bash in 2016 and 2017, played the Hard Rock Cafe at Foxwoods Casino in 2017, and the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun in 2018.

Once we were back to form, we started work on our next full length album which would ultimately be Bound By Gravity. This album proved to be a full test of our resilience and determination. The writing and recording stages were plagued with setbacks, health scares, and life changing events. It took much more time than we had anticipated but through it all we saw our way to the most matured album we’ve released to date. We hope you like it and hope to see you at our next show!

Paragon Theorem is

  • Steve Delesdernier – Lead Guitar
  • Dan Field – Rhythm Guitar
  • Brian Moore – Vocals
  • Josh Ingraham – Drums
  • Eric Rosier – Bass


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